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Go Back to the Future with Two Sweet ...

Go Back to the Future with Two Sweet RC DeLorean Models
Tweet I’ve been on a nostalgia tear recently and of course, being an 80′s/90′s kid I eventually got around to googling for fun Back to the Future stuff. Well it seems that I hit the jackpot. I found not one but two awesome videos of DeLorean MK II time machines that actually function! One is simply an RC car while the other [...]

Take a Scrolling Trip Through the Sca...

Take a Scrolling Trip Through the Scale of the Universe
Tweet Astronomy Picture of the Day , provided by NASA usually gives some great glimpses of the universe as seen by both ground and space-based telescopes. But this picture is a little different, and it does that wonderful thing of making learning a hypnotic experience you don’t want to stop looking at. We know the universe is a Very Bi [...]

GeekBeat.TV #421 | Measure Your Socia...

GeekBeat.TV #421 | Measure Your Social Media Footprint!
Tweet If you’re on Google+, can help you know how many people are paying attention to you and how fast that number is growing. Google Ripples Google Ripples is a tool built into Google+ that maps how many times your posts are shared, and who is sharing them. Its visual design makes it kind of h [...]

Tweets Meet Microblogs as Twitter Buy...

Tweets Meet Microblogs as Twitter Buys Posterous
Tweet Twitter, the social media service for people who like to keep things short, is getting a bit more wordy. But only a bit. They’ve announced their purchase of Posterous, a service that offers space for small blog posts with a user-friendly interface See original here: Tweets Meet Microblogs as Twitter Buys Posterous

The Year For CodeYear

The Year For CodeYear
Tweet This month marks my 16th year in the IT field, which is pretty amazing to me. That’s a long time to be doing one particular thing.  The reality is that I have done a wide variety of things over the years and I am still learning. See more here: The Year For CodeYear

Minty Geek Review: Electronics Lab 10...

Minty Geek Review: Electronics Lab 101 is a Quick and Portable Nerd Fix.
Tweet I’ve owned and played with my fair share of electronics kits. When I was a kid I had a few of those Radio Shack electronics experimenter kits . You know the ones with the spring terminals for wiring Excerpt from: Minty Geek Review: Electronics Lab 101 is a Quick and Portable Nerd Fix.

Geek Beat LIVE! CES 2012 Special

Geek Beat LIVE! CES 2012 Special
Tweet CES had a ton of great things this year! Wonder what is was really like to be at the show? John P., Scott Ellis and I wrap up all our coverage right here with a look at all the best stuff and show you what kind of tech goodies may be headed your way in 2012! Read this article: Geek Beat LIVE! CES 2012 Special

GeekBeat.TV #321 | Access Any Portabl...

GeekBeat.TV #321 | Access Any Portable USB Drive by Wi-Fi!
Tweet Brand Pages Arrive at Google+ Businesses have been eager to get a shot at Google+, and now that time has come with Google+ Pages . Water from Dry Air The vaporators of Star Wars are real! The AirDrop pulls 11.5 milliliters of water from even the driest desert air. View original post here: GeekBeat.TV #321 | Access Any Portable USB Dri [...]

YouTube Playlist – Awesomely 90′s Com...

YouTube Playlist – Awesomely 90′s Commercials
Tweet A walk down memory lane with my favorite 90′s commercials! Click HERE to start the playlist, or just watch it above! If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc. be sure to leave a comment for me down below, or send them to Read this article: YouTube Playlist – Awesomely 90′s Commercials

Wireless Paper-Based Explosive Sensor...

Wireless Paper-Based Explosive Sensors Made Using an Inkjet Printer
Tweet When I picture bomb detection, I imagine teams from movies such as the Hurt Locker ,  wearing the heavily padded suit and with speciality devices.  In reality, the methods vary as well as the price (the cheaper the less sensitive) but no matter the equipment, bomb detection requires hard to manufacture tools and a trained operator. V [...]

REVIEW: iFrogz EarPollution – Evoluti...

REVIEW: iFrogz EarPollution – Evolution
Tweet Many of you are familiar with iFrogz, they make loads of audio accessories including the EarPollution series of headphones. I recently went hands on with the EarPollution: Evolution buds and have given them a full-on evaluation so if you’re in the market for a new pair that provides clean sound at a relatively good price, these m [...]

GeekBeat.TV #319 | Tracking Horse Hea...

GeekBeat.TV #319 | Tracking Horse Health – Wirelessly!
Tweet PonyUp Brings Health Tech to Horses PonyUp Technologies has developed a device that can wirelessly monitor a horse’s health and transmit that information back to a computer. Vet Cheq System The Vet Cheq system can deliver information about an animal’s pulse, blood pressure, hydration and more. Read more: GeekBeat.TV #319 | [...]